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October 31, 2005 20:03 PM

October is the busiest October yet for Eric Zapakin (dot TK)!

That's right! The numbers are in and they spell out a definite trend! Eric is growing in popularity! EZdTK got 131 hits for the month of October compared to an abysmal 92 in September and at this point, 0 in November.

Some analysts have suggested that the increased demand in Zapakin stems from the public wanting to know more about this often elusive creature. So, we here at [the website you are looking at] have compiled some easy to reference facts about Eric.

1. Eric's favorite TV to watch over and over is ER.
2. Eric likes to take naps.
3. Eric plays Madden football on Play Station 2.
4. Eric has black hair and a black beard, but he is not a pirate.
5. Eric usually wears a blue Yankees hat.
6. Eric is the star of the hit TV show, The Screening Room.
7. Eric is from New Jersey.
8. Eric once took a bite out of a Cesna Airplane just because he wanted to.
9. Eric can slam dunk a watermelon in a 12' hoop.
10. Eric can hold his breathe for over 10 minutes while underwater hunting for fish.
11. Eric survives on a diet mostly of starfish and sea urchins.
12. Eric has scales that are smooth if you pet him one direction but barbed if you pet him the other direction.
13. Eric must always be handled with care.
14. Eric is 98% liquid,
15. Eric is only directly viewable during a lunar eclipse, at all other times, a special viewing device must be used.

Searching Google for information about Eric, I found these handy tidbits of knowledge:

1. Eric is a concept.
2. Eric is the best python.
3. Eric is born.
4. Eric is having a good day.
5. Eric is allergic to girls.
6. Eric is a camwhore.
7. Eric is soooooo cute.
8. Eric is a 22 year old college kid in his final semester at the University of Florida.
9. Eric is real nice and so full of spice; girls die to meet him men love to greet him.
10. Eric is in a calendar for 2001.

To reiterate: all the preceding statements are FACTS. They may be used in a research paper as long as they are properly cited to this website. The preceding feature "25 Facts That You Might Have Known About Eric Zapakin" has been brought to you by

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 13, 2005 14:16 PM

EZTK SPECIAL: "The Boy That Loved A Beard" by Sona Ram

Sona Ram, contributor extraordinaire and Eric's co-reviewer on The Screening Room, has written perhaps the greatest piece of Eric Zapakin fan fiction since "Eric and Cat Melissa 9: The Booty Call" (generated with EZTK's very own Eric Zapakin Erotic Fan Fiction Generator). The story is entitled The Boy That Loved A Beard, and hoo-boy is it thrilling! It's an edge-of-your-seat tale of action, romance, danger, thrills and spills, with more E.J.Z. goodness than you can handle!

Written entirely with her left hand, and entirely in Ray Gozzi's New Telecom Technologies class, Sona's story truly was a feat of epic proportions. I'm not normally one to speculate, but there's no doubt in my mind that "The Boy That Loved A Beard" will go down in history as one of the great classics of English literature. Step aside Bill Shakespeare, there's a new act in town!

Enjoy, Zapa-Maniacs!

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 11, 2005 18:57 PM

Eric Receives Text Message from Europe

Good Evening, for EZdotTK, I'm Dan Gutkoski coming to you live from Jonkoping, Sweden. There have been news reports out of Jonkoping that Eric Zapakin received two text messages last month from Sweden.

According to Vodaphone, the local mobile telephone provider in Sweden, they confirmed that two text messages were sent over the last month to telephone number +19082083666, however, due to privacy issues, she was unable to divulge the content of those messages. I have been asking around the city, and everyone that I ask has no idea who a Mr. Eric Zapakin of EZdotTK is.

This can only lead to one thing, that only Mr. Zapakin knows who really sent those text messages. However, according to the current Non-Fictional stories on the website, Eric is currently napping, to be followed by episodes of ER and 24.

More on this developing story as it becomes availble. Until then, Daniel Gutkoski, EZdotTK reporting from Jonkoping, Sweden.

Posted By: Daniel P. Gutkoski (a.k.a DTM)

October 10, 2005 17:04 PM

Urgent Eric News! MIDTERMS!

As Fall Break draws near for Ithaca College, Eric Zapakin is taking every measure possible to prepare for his upcoming midterms. Eric's exact class schedule is unknown due to the secrecy with which all of his personal information is regarded, but observations of his recent activities can give us some insight into what this boy does in school.

Let's take for example Eric's inordinate amount of time spent playing Madden 2006 and other football related video games on the PlayStation Two. From this, we can assume that at least one of Eric's midterms will be a cumulative exam on video game football, with a possible bonus question about screaming at the TV and hitting things.

Eric has also been eating a lot of cheese lately. Some may say that this is just because he likes cheese... way more than a normal person does. I, on the other hand, would speculate that perhaps Eric is "cramming" for a dairy midterm.

Just now, Eric went out to play catch with Brett. From this, I would infer that Eric probably is just not studying.

For EZdotTK, I'm Mike Wechsler. Have a great break all-a-y'all.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

August 24, 2005 01:24 AM

Eric Attends Movie for 12 Hours Straight

According to information culled from Eric's away message Tuesday night (into Wednesday morning), Eric Zapakin attended the recently released movie The 40 Year Old Virgin for at least twelve hours straight. Afterwards, Zapakin remarked that the film was "good" and responded with an affirmative nod when asked if he enjoyed himself.

Why Eric attended the movie for 12 hours, or roughly six showings is unknown. Theories inlcude the "Eric really really really likes Steve Carrell" theory and the more widely accepted "Eric probably just fell asleep" hypothesis.

Whatever the case, one thing is for certain, Eric has started to do interesting things again so this website finally has a reason to exist once again. Fanboys rejoice!

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

August 23, 2005 21:58 PM

Zapakin makes Startling Announcement!

In an interview held yesterday, on Ithaca College Television's hit morning talk show (at night) "Sunrise Boulevard", E. Zapakin, dropped a bombshell on the studio audience. Not a literal bombshell, might I add, but a figurative one... a large announcement, if you will. E. Zapakin, formerly known as Eric Zipakin, formerly known as A.J. Wentworthingtonhausen the third, has once again changed his name, dropping the first initial and shortening his moniker to a streamlined, "Zapakin". It was this initial that was so instrumental in the creation of the nickname E-Z E. "I felt like the 'E' was getting between me and my fans and now we're closer", Zapakin stated, adding "During shows, half the crowd is saying 'E. Zapakin'--half the crowd is chanting 'Zapakin'--now everybody can just chant 'Zapakin'. The sold-out audience responded to this with an enthusiastic, but mumbled cheer, as half of them were indeed chanting "E. Zapakin", followed by the other half explaining to them what "The Screening Room" star reviewer had just said, after which there was a large, simultaneous "OHHHHH".

He confessed that his unwieldy name was even starting to befuddle him. "I even started to get confused myself--and when I'd called someone on the telephone it took me a long time to explain who I was." Zapakin told host Will Lerner. To this, Lerner responded in his trademarked falsetto, "I have the same problem".

Zapakin, a campus bad-boy, had been known on ICTV for his rowdy behavior --including a stool throwing incident... and by stool i mean a chair--, his inability to control his on-air cursing --a habit that cost the station millions of dollars in FCC fines--, and his use of the catchphrase "Umm", which spawned its own line of popular T-Shirts. Now, the ICTV star says he's matured past silly nicknames and catchphrases, and is ready to display a more viewer friendly personality along with it. "To be honest, the unveiling of Diddy, you gonna see that at the premiere of TSR," he told Lerner. "You gonna see that in the entrance. You gonna see that swagger. You gonna see how I'm gonna navigate you through the journey. I'm gonna play my position, my role. The artists are gonna play their role. We're gonna have an incredible, incredible party". With this, half of the audience erupted in spontaneos applause, while the other half, this time justifiably so, were confused.

Many have speculated as to Zapakin's new look and attitude, and while few have ventured to make any guesses, this reporter has an inkling that red aviators, a cowboy hat, cutoffs, and a faux-foo-manchu are not far off. Whatever the case, Zapakin is sure to delight viewers for the oncoming semester.

Posted By: Nate Brown

July 14, 2005 13:04 PM

Eric Zapakin: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

An EZdotTK special report.

Eric Zapakin: the name conjurs of a thousand different emotions for a thousand different people. But in spite of the millions of dollars spent each year in Zaparesearch and the hordes of fans following his every move, little is known about this mysterious figure. One question begs itself at every junction: who is the man behind the scraggly beard?

Though not much is known about Eric's private life, the one detail that does not escape the tabloids is Eric's alleged love for such long running TV dramas as ER, 24 and Sliders. Also rummored is a supposed love of naps. While this has not been confirmed, sources close to Eric do report that he often naps before or after or before and after watching ER.

In his liesure time, Eric enjoys driving his sport utility vehicle wherever he likes, be it on-road, off-road or on the wrong side of the road.

This summer, Eric is rumored to be joining forces with music television giants MTV to work on an upcoming fall project. Eric is said to be working on his own reality TV show, tentatively titled "The Eric Zapakin Experience," though it is still up to speculation whether the show will feature Zapakin himself or an actor playing Zapakin. In fact, Zapakin may simply be the producer of the show, much as his close friend Puff Daddy [now P-Diddy] was in Making the Band 2.

In his spare time, Eric likes to read and write and paint. Eric currently is involved in the Neo-Arte Pauvre movement, a sculptural school of thought which employs dirt, cement, twigs, newspaper and other everyday materials in its works.

For Eric Zapakin dot Tee Kay, I'm Mike Wechsler: scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

July 3, 2005 08:42 AM

Eric Zapakin mysteriously absent from online community.

At approximately 10:32AM on Sunday, July 3, Eric Zapakin was not online.

Eric's whereabouts are unknown and foul play is suspected.

The last time Eric went missing from the internet was nearly 3 years ago during the now-famous Ericless Hour of 2002. Afterwards, Eric was found to have fallen asleep on the keyboard and logged himself out of AIM and the crash was deemed a human error. The current absence worries the legions of Zapamaniacs who chart Eric's every move.

So that you may better cope with this loss, EricZapakin dot TK is now proud to bring you:

The EricZapakin.TK Guide to Several Hours Without Eric

Step 1: Turn on the television. If possible, find a rerun of Friends or ER. If niether of these shows is on TV (nearly impossible), play the first season of Sliders DVDs on your DVD player. Close your eyes and imagine that Eric is right there watching with you. This will soothe your mind and calm your breathing.

Step 2: Listen to "Time of Your Life" by Greenday and "Babylon" by David Gray. These are Eric's favorite songs and if you play them loud enough he may be drawn to them and start singing along.

Step 3: Go to the nearest Friendly's location, order the largest sundae on the menu, take one bite then leave the rest in honor of Eric. This is one of Eric's favorite passtimes and thinking about him doing it will help you get over the tremendous burden of his absence.

Step 4: Play Madden. If you lose, break something. This is the Eric way.

With those four easy steps, you should be able to cope with a few hours without Eric. If the Eric shortage continues, just cower in a corner, there is nothing you can do.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

June 27, 2005 11:47 AM Crash Under Investigation

The staff of is still investigating the causes of the devastating crash. Although fellow staff writer Mike Wechsler has determined that the causes are linked to black magic, the latest developments point to a conspiracy that is much more serious than we ever initially imagined.

Right now all signs point to a rogue band of anti-Eric terrorists working for rival site When questioned about the reprehensible acts, however, spokesman Brad Milison just responded with the cryptic "Yo yo yo this is Brad. What's up in the hizoooooouuuuse?"

We've since ordered our Eric Zapakin research labs to devote all resources to further investigating Mr. Milison's statements.

So far on the research front, the EJZ institute has determined that the Milison operatives had indeed been using black magic and other hocus pocus to bring down The Eric Zapakin Weblog, which was covered in Mr. Wechsler's previous report. Why the rebel forces did not unleash their alleged arsenal of photon torpedoes, pirate ghosts and starving T-Rexes is still under debate.

Stay tuned to for the latest developments in this new Zapa-conspiracy!

Posted By: Pete Berg

June 27, 2005 11:34 AM fixed???


You heard it here first, friends. After months of mysteriously being broken and not allowing anyone to post important Eric information on the website, has decided to let us update again!

Luckily, the website's period of being broken coincided nicely with a period where Eric did very few interesting things so you did not miss out on much. To recap what happened, Eric took several naps and watched ER.

Initally thought to be run by ghosts, the server that hosts this website has now been discovered to be completely controlled by black magic. While there are similarities between ghosts and black magic, the subtle differences make all the...difference. But you really don't want to listen to me talk about computers and stuff.

Anyway, look forward to lots more important Eric news as soon as he does something important and newsworthy. For's Italian division, I'm Mike Wechsler. It's good to be back!

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

April 8, 2005 15:15 PM

Eric Embarks on Epic Voyage

Eric has just set off for the city sometimes refered to as the Big Apple, New York City. Sources close to Eric say that he is going to the metropolis to attend a baseball game of the New York Yankees versus the Baltimore Orioles.

In 2004 an estimated 40 million people visited New York City or NYC as it is sometimes called. Eric will attempt to make the number 40 million and one this year as he contributes to the large tourist economy of the city.

Though the primary reason for Eric's voyage to NYC is to see a baseball game, some speculate he may also be looking for hookers. Lots and lots of hookers. It takes almost 30 hookers to satisfy a man of Zapakin's build.

A good friend of Eric's, Dan "The Man" Gutkoski said that Eric may also be purchasing miniature replicas of the statue of liberty.

But whatever the reason for the trip, one thing is for certain: Eric is driving. Past experiences with Eric driving have resulted in tragedy and traffic tickets, but hopefully this time will be different.

For Eric Zapakin dot TK I'm Michael Wechsler.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

March 2, 2005 21:07 PM

Eric Finds a Home

Eric Zapakin will be spending his Junior year of college in Circle Apartment 30-02 according to reputable resources. Eric is expected to enjoy his new living conditions, possibly more than he has enjoyed living anywhere so far.

In other news, Eric will travel somewhere to do doc stuff for Spring Break.

In other news, Eric needs to do something interesting. Seriously.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

February 17, 2005 22:45 PM

Breaking News: Eric Doesn't Do Anything!!!

This just in...

Eric Zapakin spent the entire day of February 17, 2005 doing absolutely nothing, resulting in the Weblog remaining in a state of apathy for yet another day. Other than this blog post, nothing eventful happened in the sphere of Zapakin today. Eric Zapakin and the EZ Weblog both have a long running history of lethargy when it comes to doing something.

Stay tuned for more details.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

February 7, 2005 20:02 PM annouces Fan of the Month!

It is my distinct pleasure to announce the newest addition to the Fan of the Month competition. Each month (probably), we will choose one fan of Eric who has gone above and beyond recently.

This month's special fan is Sarah Leer who has been a contributor to the EZ Weblog several times over the past few months. Sarah is unabashed when admitting that she checks the weblog everyday, saying "Yes, I still read [the EZ Weblog]" which was followed closely by a graphical smiley face.

Sarah is also the sole contributor to the Eric Zapakin Art Contest held several months ago and as such is the defacto winner.

Great work Sarah!

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

January 23, 2005 23:34 PM

Eric Mourns Death of Robo-Brad

Sad times have befallen the residents of Holmes Hall this week after the untimely death of the third floor's resident robot, The Son of Robo-BradTM. The friendly robot had been quietly calculating the three-millionth digit of pi when a gang from room 305 flattened him into a high-tech pancake. Robo-Brad was instantly stricken with a critical device driver error, which permanently corrupted his system file tree and initiated an irreversable final shut-down sequence.

Eric Zapakin was especially hard-hit by the news of Robo-Brad's demise. Within seconds of the incident, Eric was seen kneeling on the ground by Robo-Brad's disassembled casing, hysterically screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

Eric's immediate method of coping with this unfortunate loss was to throw Robo-Brad off the balcony "to see how long it takes for the snow to completely engulf him!" Most Eric experts agree that this type of mourning was to be expected: as any Zapa-scholar will attest, Eric's favorite way to cope with loss is to throw things, whether it's a Playstation controller, VHS tape or the very chair he's sitting on.

The Son of Robo-Brad, the second version of Robo-Brad to inhabit Holmes Hall this school year, was a valued member of the third floor community. He could always be found propped up in the hallway, acknowledging passers-by with silent but cheerful resolve. While he went about his daily robot business of hacking FBI databases and assimilating and reprogramming humans for the underground cyborg collective, Robo-Brad always managed to keep an inviting marker-drawn smile on his face.

Despite his apparent happiness with his life as a robot, Robo-Brad's artificial neural network often had dreams of becoming a real boy. In his last days, Robo-Brad was seen trying on a backpack and sleeping in a human bed to find out what it was like to be a real human child. A posthumous data analysis revealed Robo-Brad's secret intentions to kill and replace Eric's roommate, Brett Hotchkiss. Robo-Brad's plan would allow him to live out his dreams both of being a real college student and also roommate to Eric Zapakin. Sadly, Robo-Brad's dreams never came true.

The Son of Robo-Brad was not only a visionary, progressive robot constructed from bleeding edge 21st-century technology, but also a valued member of the Holmes community, and one of Eric's best friends. Despite his unchanging expression and shoddy cardboard construction, Robo-Brad managed to capture the hearts and minds of all that he met. He will be greatly missed.

Posted By: Pete Berg

January 19, 2005 21:04 PM

Rumbling in Camp Eric

Hi friends, Mike here with your latest round of Eric Zapakin rumors, updates and newsworthy tid bits.

ITEM! Does Eric have a new "Eric Jacket"? Eric has been spotted recently wearing a new jacket that is much blacker and classier than the green jacket that has come to be his trademark. When asked for comment, Eric denied replacing the green jacket and instead offered an excuse: the new jacket was a Hanuka present!

ITEM! Eric commits another semester to The Screening Room! Eric signed a contract tonight with hit TV show The Screening Room which extends his movie reviewers position through May of 2005. What can we expect from Eric in the new season? Rumor has it he will grow a giant mustache and will start reviewing movies wearing a t-shirt proclaiming "Mustache Rides $1".

ITEM! Eric's wanton disregard for technology and nature! Eyewitnesses tonight said that Eric reportedly hurled his cell phone at a giant icicle that was hanging from his dorm roof. The beautiful ice formation was supposedly "bugging" him and the only thing he could think to throw was his cellular telephone. This story has yet to be confirmed, but in any event, Eric's phone is not damaged.

ITEM! Mike Wechsler named "Contributor of the Month" by Eric Zapakin dot TK! Mike Wechsler has contributed ten articles in a row to in the past weeks and has been voted "Contributor of the Month" by the staff and volunteers at the EZ Weblog. Wechsler intends to celebrate this victory by posting the next ten articles over the course of the next month.

Well that's all the juicy Eric info I've got for you right now! Stay tuned to for more exciting EZ news every hour on the hour.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

January 9, 2005 20:01 PM

Eric Still At It!

Three days after his birthday (or B-Day+3 as it is being called in the newspapers), Eric Zapakin is still at it! What is it you may ask; it is rhyming!

Eric has always wowed us with his ability to pair up two words that end in the same sound, but his latest rhymes are some of his best yet. These rhymes incorporate multisyllabic words, dark meanings and methaphors to create what can only be discribed as Eric's best rhymes ever!

Recently, the rhyme "start to forgive, teach me to live" has appeared in his AOL Instant Messenger profile. It appears to be some of Eric's most advanced rhyming ever!

In other news, Eric issued a statement today saying that "Canada was awsome [sic]" and that he is now watching the season premier of 24, widely considered one of his favorite TV shows after ER.

It is unknown whether Eric deliberately misspelled "awesome," or if it was just a mistake. Some have speculated that Eric may not know how to spell the word correctly, but that theory is quickly losing ground to the "He Types Fast and Sloppily" Theorem.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

January 6, 2005 19:53 PM

Birthday Update: Eric sends cryptic message to followers!

Continuing our 24 hour live coverage of Eric's birthday, I'm Mike Wechsler, here to report on a bizarre away message Eric posted recently that has even seasoned Zapa-Scientists baffled.

Sometime within the last six hours, Eric posted a message on his AIM screen name that read:


20...hoyl shit"

Although the message can be interpreted in numerous different ways, one thing is for sure, Eric is definitely napping or watching ER. Most Eric scholars agree that the first line "out..." is an acronym standing for "Operational Utilization Test" and while it is unknown what pertinence this test has to Eric, some have postured that the real reason an acronym was included as the first line in the message was to point out the acronym formed by the first three letters of Eric's last name. Z.A.P. or "Zeroes Aren't Permitted" is a guiding principle in Eric's life.

To the best of our knownledge, the number 20 signifies Eric's birthday and is probably included as an added clue to point to Eric's acronym laden name. The truth is not known, though, this is no more than conjecture.

Perhaps the most confusing part of the message is the last two words "hoyl shit". This almost certainly is a conscious nod to Basil Hoyl, Texan Attorney at Law. It is unclear what connection Eric has with the prominent Forth Worth lawyer though it is possible that Eric is angry at him for a botched personal property lawsuit or other such legal blunder.

We will continue to report the news surrounding Eric's Birthday as the stories keep rolling in.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

January 6, 2005 16:41 PM

Eric Zapakin: Older

It seems as though it was just one year ago when Eric celebrated his nineteenth birthday, ushering in the year that he knew would bring his last truly "teenage" memories. Today, Eric turns twenty and is considered a man in my eyes. Happy birthday Eric, long live the king.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

January 2, 2005 00:01 AM

Eric's New Year's away message stays up far past New Year's day.

Eric has left his New Year's themed away message which explains what he is doing on New Year's Eve up through all of New Year's Day and into the day after New Year's Day. Las Vegas book keepers are giving Eric 80% odds of keeping the away message up until January 3.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

January 1, 2005 23:58 PM

Eric's birthday approaching fast!

The EZ Weblog Offices are possitively a-flutter with the building excitement of Eric's impending birthday. Eric's birthday, scheduled this year for Thursday, Janurary 6 is set to be the most extravagant yet, as Eric passes effortlessly from being a teenager to being a twenty-something. There are reports that Eric will mark the ocassion with feasting and festive dance but these have not yet been confirmed.

With only five shopping days left till Eric's birthday or "Jewish Christmas" as it is often referred to as, we wanted to bring you a handy guide on last minute shopping ideas. The following are things that Eric wants or has hinted at wanting:

1. A new iPod to replace his old iPod which i just too old. (starting at $250)
2. A new Apple Mac G5 tower to replace his current iMac. The new G5 iMac will not do as Eric thinks they are "ugly". (starting at $1499)
3. An Apple Cinema Display for the computer. (starting at $1299)
4. A solid gold electric menorah for next Chanukah. (starting at $500)
5. A 3-CCD MiniDV camere. (Starting at $1500)
6. A new PlayStation controller to replace any broken controller, accidental or otherwise. (starting at $19.99)
7. "The Simpons," "ER" or other TV show box sets. (starting at $25)

So if you want to buy Eric a birthday present all you really need is at least $400 and a big, giving heart.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

January 1, 2005 23:43 PM

*NEWS FLASH* Eric's resolution!

In a move that took everyone by surprise, Eric has publicly posted his New Year's resolution on his AIM screen name moviepunk1685.

Eric declared that his current resoultion is to "fix [his] life". No word yet on what steps Zapakin will undertake to achieve his goal, but one thing is for sure: it will involved napping and ER.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

January 1, 2005 23:30 PM

Happy New Year from

I'd like to be the first to wish everyone a happy New Year from the entire staff of You've helped us bring the joy of Eric to so many people and we look forward to spreading the good Zapakin word to so many more.

These past few months have been some of the most eventful in Eric's life and we at along with Eric Zapakin himself want to join in wishing all the faithful EZ fans out there a happy and healthy new year. 2005 holds great promise for our favorite scruffy-bearded-Hebrew-ER-afficionado, Eric Zapakin.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

December 26, 2004 15:43 PM

Eric Protests Christmas

As jolly Saint Nick made his way to all the houses of the good boys and girls Friday night, there was one house he made sure to avoid. Not even a lump of coal was left for Eric Zapakin, who is boycotting Christmas. This year, Eric insisted that he did not believe in the miracle of Christmas and went to far as to renounce Jesus Christ as his lord and savior.

Eric is rumored to be celebrating "Chanuka," an ancient holiday celebrated by followers of the mysterious Kabbalah. Kabbalah has gained a level of notariety lately as Madonna and several other high profile celebrities embraced its secretive ways and mystic teachings. It is unknown whether Eric is a true believer in Kabbalah or if he was just looking for an option other than Christmas. The obvious choice would have been Kwanza, but as we all know, Eric Zapakin is never one to do the obvious.

I'm Mike Wechsler reporting, back to you in the studio.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

December 20, 2004 15:29 PM

Eric Zapakin Missed by All

As Ithaca College students go their seperate ways this winder holiday, many are left feeling lonely and empty due to their holiday deprival of Eric Zapakin. It just simply does not feel like Christmas without Eric. Although Eric angrily denounced this holiday in his typical jewish manner, Christmas season and Eric just seem to be the perfect match. It will only be a few weeks longer until we will all make our return to Ithaca College and are reunited with Eric. Wherever Eric is right now, we may never know, but rest assure he is thinking about each and every one of us. Even Mike Wechsler, that deuschebag. (Edit: Thanks Ryan! -Mike)

Posted By: Ryan Regan

December 16, 2004 23:36 PM

It's Official: This Week's South Park Worst Ever

This week's episode of South Park, entitled "Critter Christmas" was the worst episode ever, it was announced Wednesday Night. The episode, in which Woodland creatures give birth to the antichrist, was met with squirms and the sound of jaws dropping to the ground by many of the residents on the floor as they gathered around in, of all rooms. Eric Zapakin's. The tension was mounting as we all awaited the opinion of THE Eric Zapakin. Finally, as it came to its not-so stunning conclusion, Eric officially declared it the worst episode ever, much to the agreement of the rest of the room.
Once the episode was declared "Worst Episode Ever", the word spread around the internet, and the hall and soon everyone was in agreemnent: Eric Zapakin is absolutely correct.
Everyone except one person, Pete Berg, fellow third floor resident and proprieter of this fine BLOG. Pete had other opinions about the episode. " I thought it was hilarious", he said. "I watched it four times." Pete has since mysteriously disappeared. If anyone knows the whereabouts of pete, please inform the authorities. I guess this just proves it. It doesn't pay to disagree with THE Eric Zapakin.

Posted By: Nate Brown

December 8, 2004 21:07 PM

Eric and the Zapakins release EP, also the Blog is updated!

Eric and the Zapakins released their debut EP yesterday. Titled "Nap Then ER", it was expected to be certified gold by the end of the month. The tracklist had more than a few surprises for Zapakins fans, especially the notable omission of live favorite "I'm Going to Watch 24 Tonight (Want to Watch With Me?)". The tracklisting can be found below.

Nap Then ER
1. Jamma Jamma Jamma
2. I Played My Favorite Song 400 Times
3. Livin' on a Prayer (Bon Jovi Cover)
4. Jamma Jamma Jamma (Live in Japan)

In other news...
The WebLog was updated just a few moments ago, I guess it is not dead after all!

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

December 8, 2004 21:00 PM

Eric Nears Completion of "Doc" Research Project

As I type this, Eric is getting closer and closer to the end of his documentary on strongman competitions. This documentary has dominated Eric's fall semester at Ithaca College, taking him to Massachusetts and other exotic states. I recently had a chance to sit down with Eric to see how he is holding up and this is what he had to say.

Mike W: So Eric, can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?
Eric Z: Why does everyone keep asking me that?
Mike W: It's just an expression that people use when you are close to finishing something.
Eric Z: Oh.

It was obvious that Eric did not know this fairly common expression.

Eric's documentary will screen with two other student documentaries tomorrow, Thursday Dec. 9 at 7:30PM in the Park Auditorium and will be followed by a panel discussion.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

November 30, 2004 17:08 PM

BREAKING NEWS: Blog Updates Decreasing Drastically

It has been confirmed by an unidentified source that The Eric Zapakin WebLog no longer possesses the once huge amount of popularity it once did. Statitics have shown that the number of updates on the blog has dropped close to 68% in the last several days. Experts are unsure why the once booming blog has lost its popularity. Scientist Ryan Regan says, "Well, Eric was never REALLY that interesting. He bores me when I'm in the same room with him. So chances are I'm not going to be entertained by a webpage devoted to his boring, meaningless actions. It was only a matter of time until the weblog failed." Gerontology major Dan Gutkowski claimed to downfall of the blog to "poor content." No news as to whether or not the sites creators will do anything to spice up the site.

Posted By: Ryan Regan

November 18, 2004 16:19 PM

Eric Rolls into Super Bowl

Eric Zapakin has successfully led his New York Giants into the Super Bowl this season in Madden 2005. Eric rolled through the NFC to easily earn a spot in the championship game. How much of this accomplishment can be attributed to coaching? Not too much, come on people, he has sick players. I don't know where he gets the cap money to spend on these blue chips. Seriously, every one of his players is nasty. Any retard could take that team to the Super Bowl. However, much respect should be given to Coach Zapakin. It doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you get there. And again, Coach Regan of the Philadelphia Eagles (who happens to have the best composite record of every season we have ever played AND played in the most title games) is without a championship. Good luck to Mr. Zapakin. He honestly knows how to win. Mike Wex is a douchebag.

Posted By: Ryan Regan

November 17, 2004 23:59 PM

Eric Assumes Role of 'Scar'

This morning, Eric Zapakin was spotted by Rowland Hall, growling like a lion. Sources say he had a fake "scar" drawn on his face in mud, and other students were referring to him as Scar. He apparently spoke in a raspy, lion-like voice and mentioned something about a "king."

Though we have not yet received confirmation, it is believed that Eric may have been involved in an assassination attempt against "a college-aged male hanging from a short ledge, yelling something about 'Imba' or 'Samba'." This is quite uncharacteristic behavior for Eric Zapakin; he is neither a lion nor a serial killer, and does not normally draw dirt stripes on his face. Eric was also not wearing his characteristic green coat, but instead, a blue hooded sweatshirt with the hood up. This erratic Eric behavior puzzles close friends and colleagues of Eric, who recognize that pretending to be a lion is not part of Eric's regular schedule of napping, watching ER and then napping again.

We will be sure to keep you updated on this hot Eric news story as reports come in. Stay tuned!

Posted By: Pete Berg

November 13, 2004 12:00 PM

Eric Appoints Most Trusted Advisor!

At approximately 11:50AM today, Eric Zapakin appointed the Eric Zapakin Web Log's own Mike Wechsler as his most trusted Jewish advisor. Eric said in an internet press confrence that "if I am the king than [sic] you [Wechsler] are my most trusted Jewish advisor." It remains to be seen what responsibilities this newly minted position will carry but one thing is for sure, Eric is the best!

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

November 9, 2004 17:02 PM

Footage of Eric's Doc Project to Air on Television!

I just wanted to let everyone who reads this message board know, that I heard it through a friend of a friend that someone has leaked footage of Eric Zapakin's upcoming Strongman Competition documentary. Furthermore, my sources tell me that said footage will air on, of all places, TELEVISION! The Ithaca College Television Station, Channel 16, will be airing this footage wednesday night at 10:00 on the show "Work In Progress". I'm going to make sure I tape it so I can watch frame by frame to try to decipher the hidden messages in each clip, and I'm sure after the airing that all the chat rooms and message boards will be teeming with theories on what this documentary holds in store. I'd be willing to bet that they wait until the very end of the show to air it though. That's like those Television people to advertise something, and then keep you waiting until the end of it. God I hate them, making me watch some lame show, and I'll bet it really is a lame show this week. Anyway kids, I just wanted to let you all know about the sneak peek... make sure to set your VCRS... or your TIVOS!

Posted By: Nate Brown

November 6, 2004 16:53 PM

Zapakin Family in Ithaca.

Well, like the wind comes and goes, the same can be said for the Zapakin family in Ithaca. However, it was a pleasure meeting Mr. & Mrs. Zapakin, as well as Eric's sister.

Eric wore the "green jacket" to dinner, and had the cajun chicken pasta at Chili's. However, after his meal arrived, Eric confused the chicken for fish. I had to tell him what he was eating was indeed chicken. I never thought someone could confuse chicken for fish, but this is Eric Zapakin we are talking about.

We also discussed over dinner Eric's contact use. Eric admitted that he has been wearing 14-day contacts now for almost 2 months. He also mentioned that he doesn't always remove his contacts while napping inbetween episodes of ER. The dinner table grew silent, as this came to light. Fellow contact users were absolutly disgusted at this gross mis-use of contact lens. Mrs. Zapakin informed her son that he might not be able to use contacts if he didn't follow the directions. As of Satureday, at 4:30, I am yet to hear that Eric has changed his contacts.

However, I will keep the blog up-to-date on this potentially life endangering scenario. I would hate to have to drive Eric back to the hospital for a disorder of the eye. If you are able to contact Eric, please encourage his full compliance with the contact instructions.

On a personal note, I wanted to again thank the Zapakins for a nice evening. It was greatly appreciated!

Posted By: Daniel P. Gutkoski (a.k.a DTM)

November 4, 2004 11:14 AM

Eric Falls.... AGAIN

Tonight Eric made an unscheduled appearance at the set of The Screening Room. Everyone was shocked to see him there. Even though Eric is a "reviewer," he still manages to make the little people feel important visiting the crew during his off weeks. Eric was bringing a piece of the set into the studio when all of a sudden, Eric slipped on the floor and wiped out, reinjuring his already damaged ankle. The entire studio fell silent as our Eric laid sprawled out on the floor in pain. Luckily, being the fighter that he is, Eric managed to get back up on his own and turned down medical assistance. Strength like that should be admired. However, I still think he is an attractive man and would most definitely have his child.....if I was a woman, that is.

Posted By: Ryan Regan

October 31, 2004 01:22 AM

Eric Seen Disguising Self...

Today I was invited to play football with Ryan, Brett, and Joe. When I stepped outside, I saw someone wearing Ryan's red "Eric" jacket, but I realized it wasn't Ryan. To my surprise, it was Eric wearing Ryan's jacket. I believe Eric was probably trying to disguise his identity. I guess I really can't blame him. When everyone knows who you are and everyone wants a piece of the man known as Eric Zapakin, it's understandable to sometimes wish that you were invisible. I just felt the need to inform everyone that in the future, you may see Eric also wearing a red "Eric" jacket, not only the usual green. Keep your eyes peeled...You never know when you might get your chance to grab a glimpse of the man, the legend; Eric Zapakin!

Posted By: Neil Young

October 29, 2004 22:01 PM

Eric Tries Sports, Hurts Self

This afternoon Eric was playing football with some guys when he sprained his right ankle. He was rushed to an area emergency room where he was treated and released. Today's unfortunate accident forced Eric's Documentary Research group to cancel a scheduled trip and interview in New York. Everybody's favorite Zapakin is expected to make a full recovery in the coming months, though it is unclear whether he will be able to return immediately to football. It is also unknown what effect, if any, this accident will have on the cracking noise made by Eric's ankles when he walks.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 29, 2004 01:51 AM

Eric seen at Pyramid Mall, Ithaca

You heard it here first ladies and gentleman... Eric J. Zapakin was at Pyramid Mall today. He purchased a new pair of cleats from Champs Sporting Goods Store, and a new DVD from Best Buy. He was at the mall for an hour, and also stopped at Wendy's and had some burgers and a frosty. Yes, a FROSTY! Those things are fantastic! I do love frosties I think more than EJZ.

It was an enjoyable time at the mall. I was able to sit shotgun next to Eric on the drive back to Ithaca College. Eric is a very responsible driver... always caring for the individuals who ride with him. We listened to the radio coming home too.... a good station - 91.7 FM. Eric got a little lost when he didn't listen to my expert navigational skills, but that is Eric, always thinking he is omnipotent **(Eric - That means all knowing)** Well, now that Eric is in bed, I can rest assured that I will not miss any other important news that this web log might want to know about. I will be sure to rise bright and early, so I can be there to catch all the days events... and bring them to you, our faithful readers right here at .... your one stop spot for all the Eric J. Zapakin news right when it happens.

Posted By: Daniel P. Gutkoski (a.k.a DTM)

October 28, 2004 12:48 PM

Campus Tours

Some of you may have noticed that I give tours on campus. Now, it really isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Usually I dread the hour long walk up and down the hills of Ithaca with annoying parents asking thousands of questions and kids that could care less about looking at colleges. BUT when I start to lose all hope and wonder what is the point of me providing this service for the college I realize that about 30mins into the tour exactly I get the honor of showing off the great Eric's room. Let me tell you, besides being the highlight of my Weds, if not week, the people on the tour LOVE Eric (especially the moms!). Ithaca should pay Eric to talk to all the students. Seeing Eric gives me enough strength to make it through the rest of the tour. Thank you Eric. I live for Weds at 3:30.

Posted By: Sarah Leer

October 27, 2004 23:14 PM

Eric on TV

Granted, I do not live on the 3rd floor on Holmes Hall. I may not have the priviledge to see Eric as often as some people may.... but when I do see him in person, I just melt. But tonight, tonight was a special occasion. I saw THE Eric Zapakin on television. He had this great vibe about him, and after hearing his movie review, I was just so happy! I also got to eat dinner with Eric tonight, and it was good. I had the Chineese special with a soup and salad. Eric had 3 cheeseburgers, 2 grilled cheese, 3 big slices of pizza, five orders of french fries, and 3 bowls of ice cream. That kid just eats and eats. What a guy! I am glad Eric took my advise from yesterday's post, and was KIND.

Posted By: Daniel P. Gutkoski (a.k.a DTM)

October 27, 2004 13:53 PM

I can't resist!

I've tried, I've really tried. I told myself I wouldn't participate in this little website for fear that my Eric-infatuation would flare up again, but, damnit, I really can't hold these feelings in any longer. Today as I was walking back to my room Eric popped his head out of the bathroom. He had a white fabric on his right shoulder (probably his shirt because he was shirtless. I could digress on that, but it may sound a little to similar to some erotice Eric fan fiction). He said hi to me. I did not, I repeat, did not initiate the greeting! He did!! I could not believe it!! Anyway we continued to small talk and then he asked me if we were going to see the movie Ray this weekend! I briefly remember him discussing this before, but I was sure he was going to ditch me for his new movie friend Rachel. I cannot believe this! An opportunity of a lifetime! I have to work this weekend, but I will quit if I have to accomodate his schedule. I have absolutely no idea what Ray is, or, even more, what a movie is, but if it involves spending time with Eric, I AM THERE!! We said we would maybe go Sunday, that means four days, five hours, and roughly nine minutes until our outing. I hope I can contain myself that long, until then, back to the Eric webcam.....

Posted By: Brad Milison

October 27, 2004 13:06 PM

Eric is dressed up today...

Today I saw Eric dressed in a black dress shirt and gray tie. He was also wearing dressy khaki pants and his best dress flip flops. He looked sharp, let me tell you, this man "gets chicks". I think it was either because of his Doc presentation or it was because he was meeting with the president of the college, Peggy Williams, and was trying to build up the courage to ask for her hand in marriage. Either way, good luck Eric, lookin' good!

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 27, 2004 10:25 AM

Eric Zapakin borrows *my* belt!

Just a few minutes ago, Eric Zapakin, in all his glory, came into my room and asked to borrow my black leather belt. I was absolutely touched that Eric would even consider borrowing an article of clothing from somebody as lowly as me. I gladly handed over the belt, and Eric thanked me with a hurried nod and a quick "Thanks." It was truly a touching moment, one of those moments that happens only once in a lifetime, one that I will remember until I'm an old and gray, telling bedtime stories of my youth to my grandchildren. One day I'll tell theis story -- the story of Eric and the belt -- and watch the amazement and pride grow on their faces, knowing just how much the little old man before them had accomplished in his life. Eric -- the one and only Eric Zapakin -- once wore my black belt. This was the stuff of legends.

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 27, 2004 00:55 AM


Today was the Superbowl for the people playing Madden football. It was played in room 309 between the Jaguars and the Eagles, and unfortunately the Eagles lost. It was only a video game though and not the real superbowl, because it would be silly to fit all the Eagles and Jaguars in room 309. There are fire codes, you know. Anyway, so I left the room and walked down the hall, where, of all people to see, I saw Eric Zapakin. I said "Hey Eric, the Superbowl is going on in 309". Eric's eyes lit up like a kid who just caught the golden ring on the merry-go-round at the carnival. He threw his hands up and said "It is?", and then he ran off in a huff, without saying goodbye. I forgive him though, because I know how cool Eric really is. Sometimes I wish I could be just like him. I hope he realized it wasn't the real superbowl though, or he would've been mighty disappointed.

Posted By: Nate Brown

October 27, 2004 00:33 AM

Shame on you, Mr. Zapakin!

Today was another day when I briefly saw Eric. He is always hidden away in his little room working on his "documentary" quote unquote. Today, he asked me to leave in a mean tone, and it angered me. I rarely see this wonderful person, and when I do, he is in a foul mood. Shame on you Eric. Maybe you should add a D to your last name, and then be what it says.... ZAPA"KIND".

Your Friend,
Daniel Gutkoski

Posted By: Daniel P. Gutkoski (a.k.a DTM)

October 26, 2004 23:46 PM

Good News!!

Eric has been found. We can all rest a little bit easier now. Thank you to local authorities, family and friend for helping us get through this trying time.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 26, 2004 20:02 PM

All Points Bulletin!

Eric is missing! He is supposed to be meeting with his doc group right now but he is not there! Nobody knows where he is! As of 8:01PM, Eric has been officially declared missing. Amber Alert. If you have some information regarding Eric's whereabouts, please contact us immediately.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 26, 2004 16:54 PM

Eric spotted at Park Auditorium

This afternoon I spotted Eric at the Park Auditorium. He sat a few rows in front of me and wore his blue Yankees hat and his green Eric coat. I would tell you what the lecture was about, but I can't remember: I was too mystified by Eric's presence to pay attention. Eric has that effect on people. No matter where he goes, all eyes are on him. He's always the center of attention... and if you know Eric Zapakin, like I know Eric Zapakin, you'd have to agree that all the attention is well-deserved. Eric is just that amazing.

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 26, 2004 13:57 PM

Lunch with Eric

I ate lunch with Eric today. It was pretty special, I'm not going to lie. Eric made himself a chicken sandwich and I believe he also ate a slice of pizza. Eric sure does love his dining hall food. Afterwards, I walked to Park with Eric. And of course, as always, Eric was wearing his complete Eric attire: green coat, shorts, and flip flops. I respect the fact Eric wears what he feels comfortable in, no matter how it looks, or even though it was in the mid 40's today (a temperature some may not consider shorts weather). I have the same coat Eric has but in red; however, I cannot bring myself to wear it anymore. I'm tired of people telling me I'm ripping off the fashion of Eric Zapakin. Anyway, Eric is with his doc group right now. I want to hang out with him but I don't want to interfere. I'll continue to check the Eric Zapakin Webcam to see if he's still doing doc or not. Last time I checked he was shirtless typing on his computer.

Posted By: Ryan Regan

October 25, 2004 15:12 PM

Fan Art Contest

We are looking for any and all Eric Zapakin themed fan art. Have an idea for a great drawing of Eric? We want to see it. In fact, we're having an Eric Zapakin Fan Art Contest!!! The deadline for submission is October 31. All Entries can be mailed to and the winners will be picked by Pete and myself. The best drawing will get a signed picture of ERIC ZAPAKIN!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, there will be some prizes for runners up.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 25, 2004 15:09 PM

The Webcam

We have recieved some reports of errors with the webcam and I think I have an easy and quick fix for them. If you click the webcam link and you get a page with an away message but not picture or a picture but not away message, just click the webcam link again. If it happens a second time, just click the link again. In fact, clicking the link repeatedly should fix any webcam problems you are having.

On a side note, not that Eric knows about the website, feel free to put links to it in your profile, on your website or wherever else you put links to things.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 25, 2004 15:04 PM


Today, it is my sad duty to announce that Eric has discovered this website. Apparently, Brett told him about it sometime yesterday.

Now, this does not mean that this website will stop being updated... in fact it should be updated more often now. Thank you to everyone who has brought it this far, we need you now more than ever. Let's keep up the great Eric reporting and make this site the most popular Eric Zapakin site in the world!!!1

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 25, 2004 14:14 PM

Eric Sighting: Outside of Park

Today, after my 11 AM class, I saw Eric walking towards Park. I recognized him because of the green jacket, obv, and he stopped (gasp!) and showed me his Doc Research book. He looked pretty tired, and actually fell asleep right there on the sidewalk. I didn't want to wake him up, mostly because I was late for lunch, so I hope someone else did. Otherwise, he might still be sleeping.

Or maybe it was just a nap. He sure does love his naps.

Posted By: Kristin Martini

October 25, 2004 13:14 PM

Eric skips his 8AM class

NEWS FLASH: Eric Zapakin was not present at his 8AM class this morning, Introduction To Field Production with Jerry Gambell. With the stress of an unfinished Doc Research book mounting, Eric found it in his best interest to skip the class to work on the book. It is due Wednesday, after which Eric will likely return to his regular schedule of "ER then class then nap."

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 25, 2004 00:25 AM

Eric at the library...

I saw Eric at the library tonight. I was across the room and he was wearing the green Eric jacket. He looked kindof upselt, I mean come on, it was midnight and he was at the library. I didn't say hi because I'm mean like that and come on, its late. But honestly EZ is my hero. Is there anyone greater?!?! You may say well Ryan, or Peter,or Mike or Brad, or even one of the new guys like Neil, but no, Eric is the most bestest ever!

Posted By: Sarah Leer

October 24, 2004 23:23 PM

Eric goes to the library

Breaking news: Eric Zapakin has left the building. He has just gone to the library to meet with his Doc group. I saw E. Jay Zaps right before he left, and he looked quite a bit perturbed. Who knows what other Eric Zapakin encounters the rest of the night may bring. It's bound to be one wild night for all of us hardcore Eric fans! Stay tuned right here for more up-to-the-minute Eric updates.

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 24, 2004 22:56 PM

Eric has computer problems

Eric was working on his Doc midterm book tonight, but somehow accidentally lost an hour's worth of work. His computer also can no longer send email. I suggest that we all reach out and comfort Eric in his time of need. Perhaps picking him some flowers or buying him some candy would turn his frown upside down!

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 24, 2004 22:56 PM

Eric was in a foul mood today:

Today, I observed Eric for only a brief time. He did not join me for brunch or dinner today, and it made me sad. I wish I could have dined with him, however, he stated he was too busy. This truly angered me.... to busy for his friends.

Although, I did talk to Eric for a second, but he again mentioned he was too busy, and had a lot of work. I wish Eric would pay more attention to his good friends, instead of his Documentary project. Take this hint Eric, please!!!!

Posted By: Daniel P. Gutkoski (a.k.a DTM)

October 24, 2004 20:26 PM

Eric decides not to go to the movies

Eric was planning on going to the movies tonight, but he decided that he had too much work to do for Doc and stayed in. He plans on going to see the movie tomorrow night with his fellow Screening Room movie reviewer, Rachel. I, for one, am really looking forward to Eric's next Screening Room review episode, due out this Wednesday! I'm sure it will have that irresistable Zapakin charm, like always. More on this in a later update of The Eric Zapakin Weblog.

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 24, 2004 16:28 PM

Eric Walks By In The Hallway

SPECIAL UPDATE: *The* Eric Zapakin just walked by in the hallway, past *my* door. I could tell it was him long before he got up to my door by the ankle cracking. Eric's presence this afternoon sure was a rush. Even though he didn't stop by or even acknowledge me, I felt touched that he would take time out of his busy schedule of napping, watching ER and doing Doc to walk down my side of the hall. That Zapakin sure is in touch with his fans!

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 24, 2004 15:14 PM

Eric's Doc Project...

Eric's Doc Researh group is busy working on their documentary about professional weight lifting. I don't have to tell you that it is going to be awesome because it bears the Zapakin Mark of Approval.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 24, 2004 15:13 PM

Eric's big phone call...

Today I saw Eric on the phone on the third floor balcony. He must have been talking for at least thirty minutes!!!!! I don't know what he was saying but I think it was something really important, probably about dinner or ER or something. Later I saw Eric and he said "Hi" to me... needless to say, it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!! I can't wait to see Eric again later.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 24, 2004 02:15 AM

Eric is the best!!!!!!!!

OMG ERIC IS TEH BEST0r!!!!!!1 WTF LOL!!! H3 15 t3h 1337357!!!!1

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

October 23, 2004 21:36 PM

Eric Zapakin: The model of human perfection

Eric Zapakin is a god among men in these parts, and it's easy to see why. Nobody else has his incredible charisma, dashing handsomeness, or that distinct Zapakin style that we all know and love. Whether you know him by that lovable ankle crack or the tufts of hair he leaves in the bathroom after shaving, Eric has left a mark on us all.

So it is my pleasure to introduce you to the official Eric Zapakin Weblog, brought to you by The Eric Zapakin Fan Club. Here you will be able to read and post about Eric's every move, see a live webcast from our hidden EZ Webcam, create your own Eric fan fiction, and a whole lot more! If you'd like your own account to post on this Eric Blog, just let us know and we'll set you up.

This is YOUR source for everything Eric Jay Zapakin. Make sure you stay tuned!

Posted By: Pete Berg

October 23, 2004 21:02 PM

Welcome to the Eric Zapakin Weblog!

Today marks the official start of the Eric Zapakin Weblog! For those of you who don't know Eric, he is a very special young man who lives in 317 Holmes Hall at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY. This weblog (or 'blog') will keep you up to date about all of Eric's important news as he goes about his daily activities. We'll be posting pictures, quotes and everything else you could possibly want to know about everyone's favorite Jew.

Posted By: Mike Wechsler

Eric uses Apple computers.